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Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching

One of the biggest challenges for international teams is to define its identity. To ensure team members’ adhesion and to develop a common vision together, these teams often come to E.Y.E for a bespoke team branding. The meaningful one that will help them succeed.

In this end of the year, E.Y.E’s mission was to design a team branding journey for 40 people of a Global Marketing team. The challenge was to find the right recipe to engage and empower the 23 nationalities present in the room, during 3 days. At the agenda: Inpowerment® to reconnect to each other, a lot of creativity, brainstorming sessions, a dose of good mood, and last but not least a one-of-a-kind punchline found by the team to the team ! Congratulations to these “thirsty disruptors”, you rock! To be continued in 2023…

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