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Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching

Successful professional shift with Inpowerment®
and authentic personal branding

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Founder d’E.Y.E & Executive Coach

I gave the name E.Y.E, acronym and homophone, to reflect:

– The company’s purpose – E.Y.E as in “I”

– Its mission – E.Y.E as in E.nhance Y.our E.ssence® to reveal your inner power

– Its added value – E.Y.E as in “eye”, going beyond perceptions to see the beauty and the power of your authenticity.

I have the same wish for each and every person who comes to E.Y.E: to lead your career with your own way and to live your moment of shift/transition fully and meaningfully. My personal branding expertise, my approach Inpowerment® and my partners of the Shift Initiative are by your side to support you on your journey of success!

Welcome to E.Y.E’s world!

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Let’s start your journey of Inpowerment ®

You want to valorize yourself with an authentic personal branding

You are looking for a multidisciplinary, powerful and playful coaching to succeed and shift with meaning and positivity

You are in a transition and shift moment and want to approach your career change with confidence 

Let’s delve into your personal needs

EYE coaching points

Discover feedbacks from Inpowerment® experience

Libellule EYE coaching

"An accelerator for career transition"

— Cécile

“The work that I have carried out with Hiền Anh has been of extreme value. It helped me to carve my unique value proposition, consistent with my background, personality, and beliefs.  Hiền Anh has provided me with the tools and confidence necessary to clearly, confidently and authentically demonstrate what I have to offer. A real boost to transition and progress!”

Libellule EYE coaching

"A one-of-a-kind coaching!"

— Rémi

Expert eye, an unique and powerful coaching! The most valuable thing for me? Being boosted to overcome my obstacles and reach my objective. I’m much more aligned with myself. I gained in confidence as an entrepreneur. Thank you Hiền Anh for your uniqueness! 

Stay tuned

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