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Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching

Unlock the best of your employees' personal branding
Shift together towards success!

" Positivity, resilience and humanely sustainable business performance, this is the promise of team branding! "

— NGUYỄN Hiền Anh, Executive Coach & founder of E.Y.E

I like supporting French and international teams in times of reorganization and transformation. I feel the need to impulse and create new ways of coaching and elevating teams at their very best: through team branding. This unique coaching is a detour to explore and leverage efficiently the diversity within a team. It creates the space for your team members to reconnect to their inner power, acknowledge others’ ones, thus to enhance trust in the team. It reveals to them the benefits of creating and sustaining a psychological safety environment to perform and to shift with confidence in a VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity).

Dedicating this collective moment for yourself and your team is a way to equip all the team robust capabilities to address challenges and to become more proactive in team success.

EYE coaching points

Team branding, a must have ally for successful reorganizations

As a Team Leader or HR Manager, do you find yourself feeling helpless or rushed when managing your teams in times of change and business transformation? Are you facing the following challenges:

  • Manage change impacting your team with realism and positivity.
  • Support your employees’ transition with reassurance and compassion.
  • Boost efficient relationships among team members to maintain business continuity.
  • Take a step back, clarify/reinvent the added value of the team and give the team a sense of meaning.
  • Foster individual and collective agility.
  • Strengthen the commitment and motivation of team members.
  • Develop better communication and positive reputation for the team internally and externally.

Rely on our coaching to make the difference on your way of managing change with your team!

They remember their team branding

Libellule EYE coaching

" There was a before and after our team branding »

— Megan

” I manage a team of 20 people, 12 nationalities, located in 3 different continents Europe, Asia and Americas. Our team was renewed and it was crucial for us to recreate trust and to align on our ways of working. The Power Team coaching with Hiền Anh was game changer. Designed with different phases, a mix of face-to-face and visio meetings, each team member could contribute with talent to our collective reflection. We could enhance trust between us, better leverage our team diversity to clarify our ways of delivering our objectives. Thanks to this team coaching, our team overcame the 2020 COVID crisis with resilience and care. “

Libellule EYE coaching

" A coaching humanely powerful for our team in transition! "

— Patrice

” In our company transformation plan, my department was particularly impacted by the reorganization, with internal and external mobilities. I reached out to Hiền Anh to get support in coaching for myself and my team leaders. We wanted to better be prepare ourselves individually and collectively to ride the tsunami. Over the 6 months of intense reorganization, the coaching Team & Transition was our lifebuoy!  We could reconnect to ourselves and recharge to better support team members who moved. Hiền Anh knows how to create conditions for authentic conversations, encourage insightful and vibrant sharings, challenge our thinking to act more rightly and efficiently. We could face uncertainty and manage difficult conversations with more confidence. A must-have coaching!”

EYE coaching points

Team branding for each team phasing

We use Inpowerment®, change management tools, narrative approaches techniques, our expertise in personal branding and assessment tools (Insights Discovery, 360,…) to coach your team with care and impact. Our red thread: help your team to deal with change with pragmatism and better cope with transitions, in a more organic and confident manner.

EYE coaching points

They trust us

Put in place specific individual coachings to strenghthen your team dynamic

A transformative coaching for your team members