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Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching

The best and true version of yourself through your image!

EYE coaching points

Power styling is not your classic image coaching, it is the art of sculpting a tailor-made shell to help you bloom with your personal branding. "

— NGUYỄN Hiền Anh

Taking care of your appearance is essential to our essence and well-being improvement. Our extensions (clothes, accessories, hairstyle, beard, makeup, …) often reveal a lot more about us than we think. They play a key role in the emergence and assertion of our identity. They are important, but unfortunately often underestimated. I thought of power styling as an additional way to help you assert yourself with distinction and succeed with confidence. 

They designed their Power Styling ...

Libellule EYE coaching

" Show up with the real Me as I've always wanted "

— Corinne

” Once I got out of my burn-out, I wanted a different coaching to come back to my professional life. Thank you Hiền Anh for helping me to reconnect to myself in a self-compassionate way and to reconcile with my self-perception. Your kindness and your expert eye helped me see my assets and better accept the different person I became. I’m feeling much stronger with a wardrobe and a style that are totally me and that valorize me with authenticity. I’m ready to go back to my company with confidence. “

Libellule EYE coaching

" A great way to demonstrate my leadership in a different way "

— Clément

” I already had a coaching to develop my leadership. But this executive image coaching is totally different, and yet very complementary to my previous coaching. I finally understood what was missing and found out the final piece to impact without over beeing too much. So valuable this new perception that I have about myself and my image. Hiền Anh knows how to reassure me, find the right words and encourage me to dare be myself more through my style and posture. I’m showing up to others now as the version of me I want them to see, and with pleasure. “

EYE coaching points

Power Styling to assert yourself differently

The image coaching Power Styling is designed to boosting your self-confidence.

  • You are an employee or manager with the desire to enhance your executive image.
  • You’re going through burn-in or burn-out, with the will to take better care of yourself and bounce back positively.
  • You want to assert yourslef more in your job through your own style. 
  • You are in a shift moment of your life and want to transition with a different manner. 


Let’s create your brand experience in a memorable way and with your own codes.

Power Styling is also a thoughtful way to make a special gift to the one dear to your heart. Contact us for a bespoke gift voucher


EYE coaching points
EYE coaching points

Create your own code of Power Styling

Do you want to refine your personal branding?


€990 (VAT incl.) – 7 hours*

  • 3 sessions at your leisure: identification of your colorimetry and color palette, a study of your specific style, advice for natural and professional makeup (for women), and selection of hairstyle and / or beard (for men) according to your face shape.
  • 8 outfits including clothes and accessories
  • 1 electronic booklet containing all the advice offered.

Looking for a unique professional image?


€2 200 (VAT incl.) – 12 hours over 3 months

  • 2 coaching sessions on your personal branding goals and how you can express them.
  • 2 sessions dedicated to your colorimetry, your skincare routine, your make-up and hairstyle according to your face shape.
  • 1 session dedicated to analyzing your style, with 10 sets of tailor-made clothes and accessories.
  • 1 electronic booklet containing all the advice given for your power styling.

Do you want to influence with your color palette and save time in your future shoppings?

Your personal branding language

€650 (VAT incl.) – 4 hours

2 hours of face-to-face coaching:

  • Discover your color season with the 12 seasons method
  • Find out which colors of clothes, jewelry, makeup and hair make you feel good
  • Use the language of color to impact and influence your audience according to your professional context
  • Learn to tastefully match colors in line with your personal branding goals


2 hours of online coaching to put together 8 outfits from your closet according to your color palette

Take away your seasonal color sheet, an electronic booklet with your color palette and advice that can be applied immediately.

Do you want to assert your uniqueness and leadership in a new way?

your personal branding business card

€650 (VAT incl.) – 4 hours

2.5 hours of face-to-face coaching:

  • Analysis of your body posture
  • Enhance your presence and communicate better through your body posture
  • Discover your main clothing style and your two clothing sub-styles.
  • Learn how to create 5 looks with clothes and accessories in line with your style and personal branding goals.

1.5 hours of coaching on your personal branding embodiement in preparation for one occasion of your choice (public speaking, hosting a meeting, interview, …) with one outfit according to your style

Leave with an electronic booklet including your styles and advice that can be applied immediately.

Do you want to make your personal branding your best asset to succeed?

A coaching specially designed to reveal the art of being yourself and master your career.