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Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching

A action-learning time capsule to discover Inpowerment® approach and valorize your personal branding

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Capsule Time, it’s 1 operational theme to develop your supers powers in personal branding and in career management. 

1 Capsule Time is made of weekly workshops over several weeks, on Zoom or face-to-face. Our training process is certified french high standard Qualiopi. 

With Capsule Time workshops, you will benefit from our advices, tips, live experiments, and tools to master your personal branding. 

Ready to show your inner power?

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For companies, bespoke workshops certified Qualiopi

You are a Corporation

Offer your employees a time capsule learning experience. Develop bespoke Capsule Time for your training needs.

They talk about it...

Libellule EYE coaching

"A learning moment with good vibes in my week"

— Laëtitia

” Since COVID, I spend my days on visio with my colleagues. I enrolled for the Capsule Time “Management with authenticity and impact in time of change” to increase my impact virtually. A must-have workshop that I highly recommend. We discover, learn and experiment through playful and insightful exercices. Diversity of the workshops, “homeworks” to anchor new habits. Pragmatic and original role plays.  I got very relevant feedbacks and tips to valorize my personal branding for visioconferences and to assert my leadership!”. 

Libellule EYE coaching

"Great format and content for my personal branding"

— Raphaël

” I did the Capsule Times “Personal branding fundamentals”. An eye-opener for me! I’m much more aware of the gap between the  image I want people to capture from me and the actual perception seen by them. Role plays with coaches and other participants are incremental and help a lot in accelerating our learnings.  I feel much more confident in my Entrepreneur role. Thank you!”

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For individuals, receive personalized advices

You are an Individual

Book your spot for the next  Capsule Time. Buckle up to boost your career with personal branding! 

  • Departure of each Capsule Time as soon as 6 persons subscribe.
  • Each Capsule Time is made of 5 x1,5 hours workshops. 
  • As soon as you book by email, a pre-registration email will be sent to you.
  • Provided the minimum of required participants and following your payment, your registration will be approved. A summary email will be sent to you with the 5 workshop dates, times and the venue or Zoom link to connect to all workshops.
  • No catch-up session if you miss a workshop, remember to book the set Time Capsule dates in your diaries!

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