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" My calling: to enhance your essence and reveal your inner power.
E.Y.E is because of YOU! "

— NGUYỄN Hiền Anh, Executive Coach & founder of E.Y.E

From Asia to Europe,
the journey to discovering my calling

My name is NGUYỄN Hiền Anh (you can call me “yen-anne”). I am bicultural, trinlingual and curious of the world around me. I spent my teenage years traveling between a post-war Hanoi and Paris, the City of Lights. I was incredibly lucky to have experienced these two completely different worlds during the same time period! This taught me to put everything into perspective very early on! For the past 20 years, I have been living in France and working with people from all around the world.

My passion for people came from my childhood. I was born and raised in Vietnam. As a child, I was surrounded by the sweet scents of my family’s herbalist shop and remedies soothing sick people. As I grew older, I drew on the stories of resistance, refugees and courage during the Vietnamese war. They were eye opener to the human strengths in its courage and resilience, to the power of laughter in the darkest moments and to the necessity to stay humble towards life and its impermanence.  I was inspired to pass on these experiences. My family expatriations thereafter only reinforced my desire to share back these life experiences. With times and new encounters, my curiosity of other people, especially in their differences, led me to my career choices: first of all working in human resources, then as a coach and trainer.

EYE coaching points

My shifts towards self-reinvention,
the origins of E.Y.E

My journey has been full of surprises. They have shaped me and my convictions as a coach and trainer today. These are the life events that have each represented decisive shift moments for me: moving abroad, burn-in (different from burn-out), parenthood, career changes, going from employee to entrepreneur. There was a before and an after at each shift, but the common thread remained the same: the reinvention of oneself! I came away with 3 invaluable drivers: to be constantly learning, to bounce back with optirealism (optimism and realism), and to nurture my uniqueness.

During the past 16 years supporting people and businesses in transformation, my experiences has built me up greatly! Throughout time, my desire to freely promote an alternative way of supporting people became more and more urgent. I knew I wanted to enhance people’s essence in a holistic way (head|heart|body) and reveal their inner power through authentic personal branding.

To make this wish a reality and to ensure a safe context for my clients, I became a certified coach and personal branding revealer. I also completed my range of expertise in narrative approaches, positive psychology, and professional posture and image consultancy.

My Inpowerment® approach encapsulates all my life learning experience. I do hope it will help you succeed differently and sustainably.

5 more things to get to know me better


"Nothing is permanent except change" (Buddha)


My quest is to find balance and harmony!


I love art in all its forms. Connecting the artistic world with my work stimulates my creativity on a daily basis.


I’m not perfect but I embrace my imperfections, they make my uniqueness


I connect with people through good food, laughter and authentic talks.

EYE coaching points

E.Y.E, a purpose-driven company

Enhance everyone’s essence
and reveal their inner power throughout life

Since E.Y.E was founded in 2018, I have taken pleasure in coaching and training my clients (companies and individuals) during their shift moment. Driven by tailor-made support and solutions, I love using my Inpowerment® approach and my expertise to guide and help my clients in their 3 specific issues:

  • How to stand out and be authentic in a work environment?
  • How to shift and reinvent themselves purposefully?
  • How to stay aligned and nurture resilience in a constantly changing world?


What drives me in what I do? The domino effect: by helping one person, this same person will diffuse the positive vibes to his environment and beyond!

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