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Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching

The art of being yourself to bloom and succeed sustainably

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Exit “self-marketing”, “learning how to sell yourself”, discover the E.Y.E’S art to turn your authenticity into your best asset to succeed.  How ?  By crafting your personal branding with Inpowerment® and power styling to succeed with your code.

" Become the craftman of your personal branding and lead your career with your way "

— NGUYỄN Hiền Anh

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Inpowerment®,the guardian of your authenticity and inner power

  • The reexploration journey of your life and the reownership of your uniqueness.  
  • The reinvention of yourself and of your value proposition.
  • The holistic motion at 3 levels head|heart|body to succeed in respect of who you are and your transition pace.
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Power styling, the final touch to refine your personal branding

  • The visible statement of your internal and external alignment.
  • An executive image coaching to highlight your assets and assert your uniqueness.
  • The shell for your personal branding to bloom, with simplicity and elegance.

Your personal branding need deserves a bespoke approach

Let's carve it out together

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