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Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching

Master your personal branding
to shift seamlessly and with alignment!

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Having experienced several moments of shift myself, I know the potential chaos that they can cause. Our confidence drops and our self-esteem is torn up. I deeply understand the rollercoaster that Shifters go through: from paradoxical emotions to contradictory thoughts. This Inpowerment® coaching is specifically designed to help you clarify the following questions “what’s my worth?”, “how do I undertake my shift ?” and “how to keep confidence?”. Your self-esteem will be enhanced and your personal branding naturally revealed.

A coaching in 3 movements


Become the author of your story, reown it, and reinvent it consistently with who you genuinely are. Reveal your uniqueness !

Inner power growth

preserve your personal governance, embody your personal branding, make your presence and communication memorable. Redeploy yourself with focus and impact!


Reposition your personal branding, define your brand activation plan consistently, make your shift meaningful. Progress towards your objective !

Our coachees' feedbacks...

Libellule EYE coaching

" A transformative and powerful coaching »

— Julie

” I had already done two classic coaching sessions previously, but Hiền Anh’s is transformative! I’m expanding again, my authentic leadership is in action, I am grounded. I experienced this coaching in 3 stages: getting back on the saddle and reconnecting with myself, allowing myself to test, unlearn and learn differently, and find my place in tune with others. It was beyond my expectations: I have pinpointed my personal branding and I’m proud of it, a great WOW moment! “

Libellule EYE coaching

" I came to reconcile with myself"

— Guillaume

” I have always felt quirky, atypical, different. And yet, I sensed and then knew that Hiền Anh had this sharp and caring ability to understand me right away and to guide me correctly. I know myself better now. I accept more that there is a part of my shift that eludes me but the other part – me, my anchor – I can control. This coaching made me feel stronger and showed me a new way to interpret my story with meaning. My relationships with others have evolved more positively. I got a promotion since and I’m super proud! “

EYE coaching points

The difference of personal branding coaching vs other coachings

Coaching personal branding authentique - EYE Hien Anh Nguyen - inpowerment

For you who shift

  • A dedicated executive coach, pioneer in authentic personal branding, certified in different fields related to your personal branding.
  • Inpowerment® approach respecting your uniqueness and stimulating for your progression all along.
  • An energy booster to live fully your transition.
  • A face to face or remote coaching to meet your personal preferences.

For the Company

  • An innovative and employee centric approach to boost your employee’s confidence and proactivity in her/his shift toward her/his future working environment.
  • A richer approach than professional orientation, a more customized alternative than outplacement, and more innovative than classical coaching.
  • An ally in making your talent management policy more seamless, more caring and more in line with your employees’ current expectations and long-term employability.

They trust us

A coaching tailored for your specific need in personal branding

For a specific and operational personal branding need

(self-financing only)

5 sessions of 1,5 hours coaching

€2 400 (VAT excl.) – €2 880 (VAT incl.)

Examples of coaching: clarify a professional project, define a strategy for job search and prepare for interviews, executive communication branding, prepare a shift moment, craft a personal and impactful storytelling …

For an intensive support in personal branding

(self-financing only)

10 sessions of 1,5 hours coaching

€5 800 (VAT excl.) –  €6 960 (VAT incl.)

Examples of coaching: reposition a personal branding to take a new job, dare to be yourself and find your alignment, make your high potential (gifted people) a trademark in your company, master your career, find your alignment, …

For personal branding repositioning and professional shift

(self-financing and Corporations)

Fees according to the needs and duration of coaching

Examples of coaching: shift after a contract termination, switch from employee to entrepreneur, show more of your authentic leadership, prepare yourself to COMEX role, reinvent your managerial leadership, strengthen your self-confidence with an atypical track record, enhance your self-esteem after a burn-out or a moral harassment, …

EYE coaching points

Finance your Personal Branding Coaching

We offer payment in 4 interest free installments. Let’s schedule a call together, free of charge, to clarify your coaching need. 

Company financing

Your Company can take in charge your coaching (coaching budget, coaching for internal or external mobility). 

EYE coaching points

Our coachees' stories

Refine your personal branding with the Power Styling image coaching

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