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Authentic personal branding for a luxary Maison and its Commercial Talents

Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching

When E.Y.E teams up with a worlwide luxary Maison to stress the crucial role of authentic personal branding with its top talents in Commercial, what does it look like? A 4 hours in-person workshop, with 30 participants coming from all over the world, with powerful intercultural insights on personal branding, and with playful call to actions for their daily job. The objective: raise their self-awareness about themselves and help them make their uniqueness their best asset to shape and nurture long-term client relationship with clarity, consistency and constancy.

From our side, what did we love most about this partnership? To see how universal our Inpowerment® approach is. To reveal to participants the impact of their presence on others through our catwalk exercice. To reconnect them to their positive and resourceful stories and integrate these in their role. We also took up the challenge of including interpretors present in the room for non-english speaking participants and were happy to convert them into the personal branding topic as well.

You too, you want to be pionneer in your talent management policy with trainings and coachings in personal branding? Contact us, we’ll be happy to help!

Energizing moment of giving and receiving positive perception gifts to help each other more aware of their professional image!

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