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Do less to master change, try more to master ourselves!

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Libellule EYE coaching
Libellule EYE coaching

People often share to me: « Being ourselves is a luxury in the professional world in constant change! ». Really…? I believe that being ourselves is no luxury, it’s essential! I’m convinced that we can all learn and develop our ability to be ourselves (if we want to).I call it BYM (Be Yourself Mastering). BYM is not a fancy word, it’s a necessity!

BYM is about raising our self-awareness,

being proud of our uniqueness, enhancing our agility to cope with change positively,

and going forward authentically to shape a meaningful future


It’s time to shift paradigmlet’s try to master ourselves first to better deal with the VUCA world!

  • Corporation, please stop setting « talents retention » or « change management » objectives, start building « BYM experiences ». How? Through a genuine psychologically safe professional environment where employees feel comfortable to unleash their best self (cf. Amy Edmondson’s work). Through innovative L&D programs where individuals as a whole are considered. The more the « mens sana in corpore sano » (healthy soul in a healthy body) is nurtured, the more people are equipped to anticipate changes, face challenges and learn new capabilities to cope with change. BYM is vital for corporation & employees to grow! Young generations & top talents seek for it and corporation need it to innovate (inclusive diversity).
  • People, please go to the basics. BYM isno rocket science. Re-discover the essence of who you are (head|heart|body), of what matter most to you, and of the value you want to bring to the world. Concretely, it’s about listening to your sound inner frequency: what you deeply feel, truly think and highly need presently. It might seem challenging first, but BYM is worth it to succeed the way you truly want! The more you are aligned with you are, the better you’ll be and perform.

Based on my experiences (personal ones and the ones with my coachees), I’d like to share 5 keys to nurture our BYM to better master ourselves.

  1. To know, to acknowledge and to accept who we are (i.e not perfect!) It’s a never ending journey, so keep it cool 😉
  2. To dive differently into our stories and re-own them with our way. It’s our stories, we are not only the actor but also the author, so let’s claim our rights back. Let’s tell the story authentically with the life chapters that shaped who we are, the ones that are meaningful to us, the ones that highlight in priority our added-value and others must know about.
  3. To identify what we treasure in life (values, needs, passions) and what we can not thrive without.
  4. To ask ourselves what we genuinely want to make the most out of us, i.e what we decide to leave behind, to keep and to reinvent in order to pursue our purpose.
  5. To treat our body & mind with respect. Sustainability and Ecology are also applicable to the Self in us if we want to contribute in the long run. Let’s stay more inwardly focused first before being outwartly driven! Our body and our intuition are our best allies in all what we do, so listen to what they are telling us and try not to over-use our brain only.

Concretely in the professional field what does that mean? It means to own the room with our authentic presence, to choose our battles consistently, to find better trade offs meaningfully, and to readjust ourselves to the flow gracefully. It means to know exactly what we are saying « yes » to when we are saying « no », even when the stakes are big and the risks are high. Our red thread – our personal branding– helps us decide consistently, in respect of who we are and of the people we interact with.

“People buy into you first”!

Which “YOU” you’d like them to buy into…?

In this unexpectedly chaotic 2020, I wish you a year where BYM will be with you all along the way! « BYM! » to excel in the art of mastering who you are, « BYM! » to tackle changes & challenges in a meaningful way with others, « BYM! » to reinvent the present and to shape the future you want to see.

Let’s connect to see how we can BYM together!

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